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Labyrinter! André Bjerkes rim & regler

A concert theater with Karoline Krüger & Mrs Nitter's Rhythm Orchestra.

The musicians are coming! The vast majority of adults have during their childhood encountered the lyrist Andre Bjerkes children's poem: stories about Pharaohs on Vacations and similar Pyramid Builders - Mrs Nitters Daughter and other tongue twisting stories. 

Witty and wild games with the alphabet as building blocks. In the same children's poetry collections there are also poems with a more serious tone of voice; the bird Pampistiko Pampibanon, which is mourning its non-existence - the flutist who blows his flute so hard that the tones refuse to come out ...!

Karoline Krüger & Mrs Nitter's Rhythm Orchestra invite children and adults to a concert experience where they can be both spectators and participants. With a playful, musical expression and Bjerke's words, they fantasize about life, love, pyramids ... and allitteration! The musicians are coming! 

Idea and music:
Karoline Krüger Contributors: Sjur Hjeltnes (piano), Eline Sundal (cello), Snorre Bjerck (perk) and Karoline Krüger (accordion & vocal) Recommended age limit 5-12 years and adults of all ages.