Vidar Busk
Vidar Busk (23:00) - Silo (21:00)
Thursday 20. July 21:00
Alexandraparken (18+)
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Vidar Busk's concert seem like an eternal fireworks show, not only in Norway but also internationally.  

In 2014 he celebrated 30 years as an artist, and with an average of 100 concerts a year, it is nothing short of amazing.

He broke through in 1997 with his swing based blues rock and his firm backing band His True Believers, with the album Stompin our feet with joy , and after nine albums he is still steady as one of the nation's most stylistic and farligste blues guitarists! He plays loud and raucous, and his energy levels are sky high from start to finish. He has received and been nominated for several Spellemann Awards, in addition to a plethora of other honorary awards. 

In 2015 the biography Ballad of Vidar Busk was released, and the media got arguing whether the guitarist is savage or genius - we're betting that he resurfaces with "the best of both worlds" during the concert at Molde Jazz!