Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles

This is as long as we could wait to invite them back, after the great concert at Storyville last year, after two hours of intense performance and a flowing gospel organ jazz.

Cory Henry and The Funk Apostles is just what the name says they are - devoted preachers of the funk message!

With two drummers, two keyboardists, bass and drums, it is a road to the Groove sky. Frontman Cory Henry, although he sits safely behind his Hammond B3, is the star from Snarky Puppy. He has won the Grammy twice and has his musical roots, not surprisingly, in gospel, jazz and soul. 

The Funk Apostles is his latest passion and project, composed of five fantastic funk disciples, handpicked to give life to his musical ambitions. And these five are not hesitant to speak out about the act they are going to present  the crowd: 
"We represent The People in our ideas, our personalities, and our love of music. 
There is no bullshit here. We keep the asses shakin', the heads noddin', and the hearts full. I want my music to go as far as it can possibly go and achieve the most positive effect on our society and the world as a whole. The future is bright and the groove is relentless. We've tapped into something that pulls you in from beat one! "

Cory Henry - keys
Nick Semrád - keys
Andrew Bailie - guitar
Sharay Reed - bass
Taron Lockett - drums
Cleon Edwards - drums