Enrico Rava - Tomasz Stanko 5et
Thursday 20. July 19:00
Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN)
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Trumpeters Enrico Rava and Tomasz Stanko are two of the most important pioneers of European jazz. In 2017, they visit Molde with a band of star musicians from both Europe and America, and present compositions from both artists' rich catalog. 

Since the debut as jazz musicians in the 1960s, their music has been shaped in line with the social and political landscape of Europe; Stanko, during his first year as a jazz musician played behind the Iron Curtain in Krakow and Rava was one of the most promising young trumpet talents from Italy. Both artists' compositions have deep references in jazz tradition, but explore the interaction and material with an open and creative attitude. These musicians have previously visited Molde a several times, but this time they will be on the stage together.

On bass and drums we have bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Gerald Cleaver, two artists who have established themselves as some of the most creative jazz musicians on the East Coast. On piano, we have Giovanni Guidi, who besides having played in Rava's bands since he was 19 years, is also trying to make a name as the band lead on ECM. 

Two of Europe's most influential performers of a generation meet on the stage with two trumpets. Why not join the journey?

Enrico Rava - Trumpet
Tomasz Stanko - Trumpet
Reuben Rogers - Bass
Gerald Cleaver - Drums
Giovanni Guidi - Piano