Union Blues Cup winners 2016 to Moldejazz

SILO is is blues rock band from the island of Bremanger in Sogn og Fjordane and has existed since summer of 2014.

Before SILO started, all four members played in various band. SILO has fairly recently started producing their own music. Earlier, they covered music by performers such as Freddie King, Ray Charles, Otis Reading, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, etc., but in their own style. SILO like to play "good old" music with new youthful glow and energy.

The band is a gang of acquaintances who knew each other long before they started to play together. They like  to say that they are four comrades who are excellent as a band, and not vice versa.

Since the band started in summer of 2014, it has gone through several name changes and has now settled on "SILO".

In November 2016, SILO worked with producer Eric Molnes Husabø in "Verdens Beste Studio" in Florø and worked on their own material. As of this writing, the band has 5 originals and are planning to work on more. 

Halvor Nesbakk, Vocals
Iver Strand Senneset, Guitar
Oliver Igland, Drums
Bartek Galek, Bass

Listen to the band: 

download   4.mp3