Terje Rypdal Conspiracy
Photo: Arne Strømme
Tuesday 18. July 18:00
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Musical conspiracy of the highest level. 

"Music is a conspiracy. The secrets we exchange - it is at its best when there are no words." These are Terje Rypdal own words about his new band. A star who since the 60s has paved the way for a completely unique way of thinking guitar, music and composition turns 70 in 2017. Terje Rypdal Conspiracy is by no means an isolated commemorative project. 
"I started this band in my mind a long time ago," reveals Rypdal and tells enthusiastically about the desire to play with bassist again. The cooperation with Elephant 9 has been, and still is great. 

The music that Terje Rypdal Conspiracy presents at Molde Jazz will be comprised of older material, mainly from Chasers- and Odyssey-period, as well as some new material. There are many songs that they have rarely played live, and new versions of the songs that have been played. "It's an incredibly tight band. It's like Chasers at its best," says Rypdal.
Terje Rypdal isn't one to resting on his laurels. Ten years after he was the Artist in Residence at MoldeJazz, Terje Rypdal returns with a festival concert, and a new band that runs a scheduled recording with ECM at the event. "It's the start of a new era for me", says Rypdal.