Behind the modest name Soul 06 hides the spirit of a soul band with a total of 12 Moldensere on stage.

Since early 90s the band has been constantly firing up local scenes and dance floor until few years ago when they decided take a break.

Now the band are back together again precisely because they missed the interaction and energy when they played together. The driving force behind the band is their love affair with classic soul music from the 60s and 70s, as well as funky tunes from the Tower of Power. 

Now the band make a long awaited comeback and it is rumored that the band is livelier than ever. 

Stian Mordal - Vocals, Beate spokespeople Røvik - Vocals, Karianne beach Rikstad - Vocals, Arnt Inge Torheim - Guitar and Vocals, Bjørn Ove Hagset - Dass, Joachim Orvik - Drums, Kjell Atle Orø - Tangents, Olav Tornes - Saxophone, Marie Terese Elnan - saxophone, Pål Elnan - Trumpet, Leiv Skeidsvoll - Trumpet

download   Soul06-teaser.mp3