Bogue Chitto

Along with a fresh release, it is a great pleasure to invite you to a festival concert with this eclectic ensemble formerly known as Rosseklovnkleppen.

Are Rosseland (Drums), Mattis Kleppen (Bass) and Marius Hiort Klovning (Guitar) are the brain behind the band and their inspiration are the experiences they have collected by travelling.

The West African musical tradition sounds strong, both in rhythm and guitar sound, but it is also clearly related to both Norwegian and American folk music! 

The musicians do not save on the swing, the grooves are somewhat violent, and it's like you can feel the dust from the American plains mix with sweat beads on their forehead, while the vibrant and colorful street life in Timbuktu or Mopti seems to be a stone's throw away - and you could actually find yourself partying in the Norwegian countryside!