Hilma Nikolaisen

In 2016 Hilma Nikolaisen was nominated for a Spellemann Award with her debut album Puzzler in the indie category and got a head-start to her career as a solo artist. 

Hilma had her musical upbringing on Moi, raised as a middle child with brother Emil and sister Elvira, who have both made career out of music.

Hilma's own career started when she was asked to play bass in brother Emil's band Serena Maneesh, a collaboration that lasted for seven years. After several years as a musician in someone else's band she realized it was the time to invest in something special, and in 2016 she released her first album as a solo artist and started her own band. Album Puzzle is brimming with psychedelic pop with strong melodies which played live at a concert is another step further; Hilma and the band practically take the whole concert arena with their strong presence and energy. 

This is every reason to come early to Alexandra Park on Saturday when Hilma go on stage at 21.00!