Sinikka Langeland - The Magical Forest
Thursday 20. July 21:30
Molde Domkirke
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Sinikka Langeland's strong presence in music; on her records and on stage, makes it tempting to call her a primal force in Norwegian music.

With her voice and harp instrument kantele she has worked for decades with the finnish cultural herritage as both a tradition and as inspiration for her own music. This has resulted in several albums in internationally prestigious ECM label, with subsequent recognition from both Norwegian and international press. 

Sinikka is an artist who, without prejudice, crosses genre boundaries and embarks on new musical journeys on the basis of tradition. Since her debut in 1994, she has made many collaboration with Knut Buen, Kåre Nordstoga, rockers BIGBANG and The Savage Rose, and folk singer Frida Ånnevik among others. She comes to Moldejazz with her regular band, consisting of Arve Henriksen (trumpet), Trygve Seim (sax), Anders Jormin (bass), Markku Ounaskari (drums), as well as vocal trio Trio Mediaeval. 

The project that will fill the church with exciting sounds and musical poetry is called "The Magical Forest" which was started as a commissioned work for Finnskog exhibition and Oslo Church Music Festival. The project allows Sinikka to show how nature becomes a stage for interaction between human and animal and the resulting pantheon. The work which will eventually be released on CD is based on Skogfinn myths, runic songs and myths of the World Tree, "axis mundi". Here, the local and global, the sacred and the profane and nature mysticism and the Christian faith all converge.

Morgenbladet wrote that the album was a "reminder that her interaction with Finnskog culture is a real musical innovation" and called the project a career highlight. We can expect an original, poetic and magnificent experience in Molde Cathedral during the festival.