About the festival

Moldejazz is the second oldest jazzfestival in Europe, as well as the most important one in Norway. It was founded in 1961.The festival is arranged every year in July during week 29. We hold the prestigious status of "Knutepunktfestival for jazz i Norge" and collaborate with other festivals both in Norway and in other countries.

Moldejazz is a foundation with a set administration employing 5 people on a full-time basis for the entire year. The yearly revenue is approximately 30 million NOK. During 6 hectic days in week 29 approximately 120 concerts are held, 22.000 tickets are sold, 500 artists take the stage, 600 volunteers work for us and 60.000 people visit Molde.

Apart from the artistic we take care of multiple business areas connected to the festival, such as merchandise shops, restaurants and more.

Outside of the festival-week we, in cooperation with Storyville Jazz Club, offer a year-round jazz-offering in Molde. In 2012 we relocated our headquarters to the cultural building "Plassen" in down-town Molde.

Tel: +47 712 03 150
Fax: +47 712 03 151

Postal address:
P.O. Box 415
N-6401 Molde

Visiting address:
Plassen, 3rd floor
Gørvelplassen 1
6413 Molde

Festival director/Marketing and sponsorships director
Hans-Olav Solli
+47 94 82 63 05

Financial Manager
Bente Maridal Hoflandsdal
+47 90 09 93 36

Cecilie Nogva
+47 91 32 02 87

Head of Catering
Leif Oskar Helseth
+47 45 44 11 04

Project Manager
Therese Østby Haugen
+47 41 12 31 25

Willy Jarle Loftheim - Chairman
Torgeir Dahl - Deputy Chairman
Andreas Mæland
Hege Gagnat
Øyvind Aasgård
Tonje Dahle Hovde
Monica Molvær

Deputy Board Members:
Randi Brokstad, Sindre Klykken Johnsen, Ingunn Sylte, Sidsel Rykhus, Yvonne Wold and Daniel Herskedal

Chairman: Ståle Skårn

Thorstein Fuglseth, Olav Gjerland, Line Bjørnerem, Steinar Grip, Eli Karin Walle, Pål Austnes, Frank Fossdal, Thorbjørn Myhre, Frank Lien, Nora Waagbø, Jarle Sanden, Hans-Petter Gyldenskog, Knut Høgseth.