Pat Metheny J_Peden_Moldejazz 2017
Pat Metheny & Trondheim Jazzorkester
Pat Metheny   Photo: J. Peden
Pat Metheny & Trondheim Jazz Orchestra
Friday 21. July 18:00
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Guitarist, composer and band leader Pat Metheny is without doubt one of the greatest and most popular jazz artists in the world. Metheney, since his breakthrough in 1974 with Gary Burton's quartet , has also been responsible for innovation in jazz as he has tirelessly sought new avenues and bridged to other genres. Metheney has received numerous Grammy awards and he has collaborated with many famous names such as Chick Corea, Jan Garbarek, Michael Brecker, Herbie Hancock, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie and Silje Nergaard.

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra is super band with changing crew who constantly release exciting albums and riveting concert to great reviews. The relationship between the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Moldejazz is very close, and the orchestra and the festival has always been, and is, mutually important to each other. 

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra premieres every year under Moldejazz with exciting new works commissioned from the foremost Norwegian jazz performers and composers, but during this year's festival they will perform two different concerts. 

History of Trondheim Jazz Orchestra starts for many with Erlend Skomsvoll brilliant arrangements of Chick Corea's music during Moldejazz 2000. Since then, the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra has had an amazing variety of exciting projects, all unique and with a crew tailored to composers' ideas. Joshua Redman, Marius Neset Christian Wallumrød, Kristoffer Lo and Scrap are just some of the many musicians the orchestra has collaborated with. 

The orchestra cooperated with Metheny , the Artist In Residence in Molde Jazz in 2001. This was followed by a Norway tour in 2003. This year they meet again, and a new piece composed  by Erik Hegdal and Ole Morten Vågan will be premiered during the concert in Bjørnsonhuset. This will definitely be a highlight!