Pat Metheny J_Peden_Moldejazz 2017
Pat Metheny & Jaga Jazzist
Pat Metheny   Photo: J. Peden
Thursday 20. July 24:00
Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN)
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Having played a duo concert at Moldejazz last year along with bassist legend Ron Carter he contacted us and suggested doing a concert series on next year's festival: a mini-residency. It was an offer we obviously could not say no to. We are very proud to present Metheny in three different collaborations with Norwegian musicians!

Jaga Jazzist is the musical collective from Vestfold which has become an internationally recognized band. They have worked purposefully and hard for more than twenty years and have built up a large fan base in Norway and around the world with their unique music and their outstanding concerts.
Jaga Jazzist have played at Molde Jazz several times previously, most recently in 2016 - and have always been met with enthusiasm. 
The band's creative and seamless blend of acoustic and electronic music is still perceived as new and exciting as when the band got their breakthrough in 2001. The band has with its ever-changing crew been a source of inspiration and education for a number of prominent musicians, with whom they have done a number of collaborations. 

Perhaps the most prolific collaborations are with rock band Motorpsycho and concerts with the London Sinfonietta, which also have been released on disc. Metheny and Jaga Jazzist undoubtedly share a gift for searching further and welding together elements and sounds from different genres and creating their very own expression. Both have managed to create their own musical universe, a universe that is both compelling, challenging and takes the audience on a journey. We look forward to hearing what they can achieve together.

Jaga Jazzist currently consists of: Marcus forsger: Electric guitar and fx, Andreas Mjøs: Vibraphone, guitar, Korg MS10 and percussion, Martin Horntvedt: Drums, Lars Horntvedt: Guitars, clarinets, Saxophones, keys and lap steel guitar, Line Horntvedt: Tuba, flute, percussion, glockenspiel and vocals, Even Ormestad: Bass and keyboards, Erik Johannessen: Trombone, percussion and vocals, Øystein Moen: Synthesizers and piano.