Laura Jurd - Dinosaur

The dinosaurs are back and they mean business!

She is 26 years, plays trumpet, is called Laura Jurd, and is one of the greatest talents in British jazz. Now she will be at the Moldejazz with the quartet Dinosaur.

Last fall two of Europe's most promising young musicians were on stage in a packed Queen Elisabeth Hall in London Jazz Festival, and performed their own music with the BBC Concert Orchestra. One was our own tuba player Daniel Herskedal. The other was even younger Laura Jurd and her band Dinosaur.

Now the group is ready for MoldeJazz. Imagine impressionist moods with shimmering keyboard textures a la Miles Davis' In a Silent Way-period, seamlessly wrapped around Celtic folk tunes and other goodies. This layers over a web of exotic rhythms, to a roaring collage of musical expression of our own time. Fronting the band is the 26-year-old trumpeter Laura Jurd. So catchy is Dinosaurs music that critic Peter Bacon after a concert in Birmingham wrote the following for London Jazz News:

"An excellent gig which did leave me with one question: why isn't there more dancing at jazz gigs? The groove that Dinosaur built surely had the spirit of Terpsichore swirling up there in the company of Mr Davis."11111