John Olav Nilsen & Nordsjøen

John Olav Nilsen, the mysterious artist from Loddefjord, had his break through with the band «Gjengen» and the  Spellemann award winning gold record-debut "For Sant Til å Være Godt" in 2009. 

He released hits after hits with "Diamonds & Cherry" , "Valiumsvalsen" , "Horror" , "Hole in the Sky" and others.

After parting with the band it became clear in autumn 2016 that Nilsen had in mind a comeback, and on November 18 the single "Into my time" was released to the delight of his fans. The band was replaced by the North Sea, the expression the same, only more mature. The album was released in February, and both the release and the tour has made the reviewers really excited.

With their own distinct expression and strong qualities as a live band they will do their best to make it a brilliant jazz party at Alexandra Park. 15. juli!

John Olav Nilsen - vokal, Lars Eriksen - gitar, Einar Vaagenes - gitar, Mikael Knudsen Kanstad - synth, Nora Lovise Sæterbø - bass, Cato Furudal Lyngholm - trommer