Iyer and Taborn by Kate Ablutz
Vijay Iyer - Craig Taborn
Vijay Iyer and Craig Taborn   Photo: Kate Ablutz
Tuesday 18. July 14:00
Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN)
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Two star pianists meet on two pianos in Storyville. 

Duo format is something jazz listeners have experienced in many shapes and forms, but they rarely get to hear an improvisational collaboration between two pianists. As part of Vijay Iyer AIR application we get here a chance to rig two pianos on the same stage to hear Vijay Iyer interacting with Craig Taborn. 

In this case, the two pianists, brought together for their interest in improvisation and composition with broad palette, are two outstanding representatives of piano jazz at present. Both artists demonstrate abilities as solo pianists to develop a small theme into a larger form; it is thus a very exciting improvisational encounter we have in store in Storyville.

Craig Taborn was born in 1970 in Minneapolis, and since the beginning of the 1990s has been a central part of New York's jazz scene with organ, synths and piano as his instruments. Since 2011 he has been working along with Vijay Iyer as he recorded music for ECM, partly as a solo pianist and with his own trio.