Rasmussen, Guy, Taborn, Parkins
Mette Rasmussen   Photo: Peter Gannushkin
Wednesday 19. July 22:00
Storyville (PLASSEN)
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This collaboration, ladies and gentlemen, is an event. Nothing less.

The first time we heard Mette Rasmussen, we thought her Altosax would straighten out itself. It is still bent, and eventually it emerged that the young Dane also plays other musical strings with the same frenzied intensity. In recent years there have been rumors about her qualities, both among the public and not least among musicians. The latter is illustrated by the fact that she has succeeded to gather a crew with some of contemporary jazz's most important musicians.

The concert will be a unique experience, where jazz tradition meets influences from other musical forms in a multifaceted soundscape, with musical interaction in a fascinating balance between structure and improvisation. Along with Mette we get to see:

Barry Guy (UK) is, of course, nothing short of a phenomenon, what with his, in the best sense of the word, sagacious blend of passion, all overpowers of technique, lightning fast response time and multitude of stylistic inferences

Craig Taborn ( USA) established himself as a modern master through five explorative releases, includingsuch his lauded 2012 ECM trio album Chants , and pivotal sideman roles with Chris Potter, Roscoe Mitchell, James Carter, and David Binney

Zeena Parkins (USA) has the powers of an extraordinary performer and improvising, and embodies a broad palette of musical forms of expression, from free Improvisation two contemporary Composition and Noise two avant-garde pop, known from works with Björk, Yoko Ono, John Zorn ao