Du og jeg og vi 2- 3- 4

A fun and groovy concert for children of all ages.

Elisabeth Mørland Nesset (drums and choirs), Ellen Brekken (bass instruments and vocals) and Julie Falkevik Tungevåg (various keyboards and vocals) bring with them all the instruments they own on the trip - and are looking forward to rock, dance, groove, sing and play for you!

Throughout the concert, the children meet many strange characters (eg crocodile in the back seat, Rain cloud that needs to go to the toilet, and Mrs. Rosenstrøm who plans to rob the bank) and they get to hear many genres (i.e a boogiesong about farting, a country-song about "Kantra Køntri Kontrabass", and a rock-song about Ronny the rat who's sick of eating kebab.). The band works actively to include the children in the concert, and to teach them something about music and rhythm. 

"We have a funny intention behind teaching kids to clap on 2 and 4, which we believe is important nowadays when many parents pat notoriously at 1 and 3. It is also important for us to focus on improvisation and freedom, and we who are musicians in the project all have higher education on rhythmic music and improvisation - and like to play in the musical landscape. " - Julie Falkevik Tungevåg 

In 2017 the band worked with the recording and production of a new children's album of new original work, with a team of talented musicians and Geir Holmsen (Maj Britt Andersen, Silje Nergaard, Jon Eberson Group)

Recommended age 3-9 years