Vijay Iyer by Barbara Rigon
Vijay Iyer & The Cikada String Quartet
Vijay Iyer   Photo: Barbara Rigon
Saturday 22. July 20:00
Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN)
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Exciting new cooperation between Artist in Residence and the Norwegian Cikada Quartet.

This year's Artist in Recidence Vijay Iyer is a versatile musician with many albums under his belt. He has released four albums on the renowned record label ACT, before he entered into a fruitful collaboration with star producer Manfred Eicher and ECM. In 2014 Vijay Iyer's released his first album under his own name on ECM with a subtitle, Mutation - for string quartet, piano and electronics.

The project is clearly driven by his fascination for mathematical patterns, the freedom that lies in piano improvisation, and also his past experience as a chamber violinist. Mutations engages classical oriented and jazz lovers alike, and when Cikada Quartet perform their piece, we are guaranteed a precision and nerve which in itself is worth the moment. John Kelman in Allaboujazz gave the album a great review, and wrote the following: 

" Mutations is a landmark recording from an artist who, while already possessing an admirable discography, has clearly been limited to more decidedly jazz-oriented concerns. Representing a significant musical shift, if Mutations is but the first sign of the greater freedom ECM plans to afford Iyer, the only vaticinator of what's to follow will surely be its complete and utter unpredictability "

On Moldejazz Iyer will perform "Mutation IX" of mutation - the album and the play "Time, Place, Action"  which Vijay Iyer has written and performs with, Brentano String Quartet. The concert at Teatret Vårt on Saturday, 22 July will be an exciting finale to Iyer's residency.