Torhild Ostad/Carsten Dahl duo
Carsten Dahl og Torhild Ostad   Copyright/Foto: Johan Hauknes 

Experience a beautiful Friday night with Torhild Ostad and Carsten Dahl.

The singer from Eidsvåg / Molde and the Danish master pianist Carsten Dahl have started a fascinating collaboration.

No one who was present forgets Torhild Ostad's solo concert in the chapel at Romsdals Museum under Moldejazz twenty years ago. Now she's finally back again, on a larger arena, and together with Carsten Dahl, one of Europe's leading jazz pianists for many years. Last year the duo recorded an album at the seasoned Rainbow Studio, and are preparing to release it in the spring / summer.

Torhild sings in Norwegian, and the repertoire is a mix of religious folk, evening hymns, the duo's own material and improvisations. The lyrics depict a journey of life, relationship and tradition. Both lyrics and music draws clear lines of traditional music into a poetic contemporary and also urban  imagery. Everything is put together in a bare, acoustic expression, where the two creates their own musical landscape, characterized by their personalities, their knowledge and experience. "Vi spiller ikke, vi bliver spillet," says Carsten Dahl.

Everything is in place for those who want a beautiful, poetic experience at Moldejazz going into the weekend, and have much to gain in Molde Cathedral this seine Friday night.