Gjøkungen (Cuckoo Kid)

Out of a magical egg hatches an unusual bird. Mom and Dad Bird think she is too big and too noisy. But what does it really mean to be noisy? Why is she so different?

Cuckoo kid leaves the nest to embark on an exciting and musical discovery. She becomes friends with the playful woodpecker Hakke and the old, blind Blue Owl. 

Cuckoo kid is a narrative concert with topical and important themes related to how it is to not fit in. The music is written and performed by singer and songwriter Andrea Rydin Berge. With her is jazz musician Sebastian Haugen Markussen and together they take the audience on a journey of playfulness, rhythm and magic. The concert is designed on the idea and script by Katinka Rydin Berge and Knut Alfsen. Stage design and puppets created by Agnes Schou. The gig is produced with the help of Rikskonsertenes Forundringspakken og Seanse, center of art production. 

Andrea Rydin Berge - hang drum, melodica, baritone ukulele, vocals

Sebastian Haugen Markussen - bass, guitar, vocals

Recommended age 3-6 years