Pat Metheny J_Peden_Moldejazz 2017
Pat Metheny/Arild Andersen/Gard Nilssen
Pat Metheny   Foto: J. Peden
Wednesday 19. July 20:00
Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN)

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Molde Jazz is a festival Pat Metheny keeps coming back to, and he has delighted audiences with different projects numerous times over the past decades. Sixteen years ago, in 2001, he was "Artist In Residence" at the festival and delivered a series of concerts that set the stage on fire.

The concert Pat Metheny did with bass legend Arild Andersen and Paal Nilssen-Love on the Jazz in 2001 was one for the history books. A concert that is still talked about. This trio was on fire, and Metheny was really excited to get to play with Andersen and the 31-year-old drummer Nilssen-Love.

When Arild was asked to do a new concert with Metheny during the festival, he immediately recommended drummer Gard Nilssen Andersen with whon he had played a lot together over the past year, both in a trio and sextet and it is not difficult to discern why exactly he was Anderson's first choice. 

Gard Nilssen has over the past decade made his mark as one of the leading and most active jazz musicians of his generation. His solid, energetic and creative compositions always impress, and has made him a very sought after musician. He is a core member of the band Puma, Bushman's Revenge, Team Hegdal, Zanussi 5, sPacemonKey and last but not the least the trio Gard Nilssen's Acoustic Unity. He is also central to the backing band for Susanne Sundfør and has participated in a number of other larger and smaller projects in many different genres. 

We have a feeling that this trio is certainly going to be electrifying!