Sondre Justad
Aurora - Sondre Justad (Dørene åpner 16:00)
Wednesday 19. July 17:00
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Some artists take the audience by storm from the first moment. Songwriter and artist Sondre Justad from Lofoten has rapidly become one of the most popular and sought after new artists. Dagbladet has described him as "Pop's new wonderkind '. In recent years, Justad has seemingly been everywhere, and his heartfelt lyrics and energetic presence in music have made him an artist who means a lot to many. 

Since the debut in the summer of 2014 with his single "Nu har du mæ" Sondre Justad has become a great hit, with sold-out concerts and festivals around the country the debut album "Riv i Hjertet" was top of the charts for 13 weeks. Both P1 and P3 have had his songs on their playlists. Songs like "Riv I Hjertet", "Klar Ikke Pust", "Det E Over", "Tilbake", "Tett Inntil Mæ" and "Lovte Dæ", have all been widely played on radio and been streamed millions of times. He has been a frequent guest both on radio and on popular television program Senkveld, Lindmo and VG Lista Top 20.

Justad is considered as one who truly knows the art of getting the audience pumped up. The concert at Romsdal museum can be a highlight for many.