Tore Brunborg / Steinar Raknes Duo
Steinar Raknes and Tore Brunborg   Photo: Per Heimly
Tore Brunborg / Steinar Raknes Duo (Morgengry)
Saturday 22. July 07:00
No admission fee
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Tore Brunborg / Steinar Raknes Started their cooperation on Otrøya - now comes Duo at the Break Of Day Concert

The new day's first greeting comes from the sunshine over the mountains to the east, coloring the mossy trees in Reknes Park - a little green, a little burgundy and slightly pink. Early birds roost up close together on weary wooden benches.

This has been the start of a lot of early morning concerts. This year's event will go into the range of good experiences - with or without the sun. When saxophonist Tore Brunborg and bassist Steinar Raknes formed a duo last year, they went to Steinars roots on Otrøya just west of Molde, where they fished, ate fish and developed the musical basis for cooperation. Since then the duo has performed numerous concerts with great success. With powerful tone and imaginative lines, Brunborg is considered one of today's great saxophonist. Raknes, with his imaginative bass playing is a musical genius, who in recent years has be know for his bass / vocal concerts.

After the duo's concert at Kampenjazz , Johan Hauknes wrote in

"What we hear is something that transcends the individual moment, which creates a whole beyond the discernible .... a whole that binds together the individual Norwegian or americana-based elements into something completely different. Something more! And something better ! The music has not only mesmerized us, but the music has made us able to live through the experience for a long time afterwards. "

Rise and shine. Or don't go to bed at all. -As long as you don't miss out when two of Norway's most talented musicians will welcome the new day on this last day of the festival.