Jason Moran/ Charles Lloyd
Thursday 18. July
KL 20:00
Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN)
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A formidable duo with roots in jazz-classics and the history of Hagar.

Veteran sax-player Lloyd has never been better, and his collaboration with Jason Moran - artist in residence at this years festival and roughly half of Lloyds age - has lasted for several years already. The duo garnered extra attention after the release of the critically acclaimed ECM-album "Hagar's Song". In Jazz Special Jakob Bækgard writes:

"Characteristics of some of the greatest jazz musicians is that they are regarded as storytellers. This means an ability to compose rigorous musical sequences, which include emotional depth and gather experience and wisdom in a way that gives the music more meaning which is not just about tone and technique, but about the human existence for better or worse.

Saxophonist Charles Lloyd is one of jazz' great storytellers. His music is like a river moving in many directions. Especially in his later years, he returned to the source of music, and a sensitivity that is hard to capture in words.

Llolyd has always been good at collecting influential musicians around him. One of the most important is Jason Moran, who through collaborating with Lloyd has discovered a more classic beauty than the postmodern aesthetics he cultivates with his trio The Band Wagon. On "Hagar's Song" his encyclopedic knowledge of jazz piano benefits him when he should vary his accompaniments. He can swim deep in blues music and he can attack the piano with avant-garde ingenuity.

The music sings about pain and redemption, and is also in itself a confirmation of life.
Only great storytellers can play like this."