Jason Moran - Artist in Residence

Ever since pianist Jason Moran entered the world of music in the late 1990s he has shown to be more than just an amazing performer. He's a reflected and, at times, provocative thinker, a musician that time and time again takes new risks and stakes out new paths and directions in contemporary jazz. Moran has staked his claim as a pianist with no technical limitations, a brilliant improviser, an exciting composer and arranger, and a band-leader with strong qualities. As Artist in Residence we'll get to meet Jason Moran in five concerts; each showcasing different sides of his vast talent.

The opening concert «In My Mind» is a multimedial concert which is Jason Morans tribute to, and exploration of, the music of one of his biggest inspirations; pianist Thelonious Monk.

Bandwagon has been Jason Moran's trio for more than 10 years. Drummer Nasheet Waits is the man "everyone" wants to play with, but despite this he has prioritized Moran's trio highly. Together with bass-player Tarus Mateen and Moran himself he contributes to a band which Bjørn Stendahl of Jazznytt described as follows: ?the musicians break into each other's solo performances ..... unorthodox and defining... and because they know each other so well it is very successful ..... in an energetic and blues-saturated expression.

Moran ends his stay in Molde with a concert in the Molde Domkirke   joint by his wife, singer Alicia Hall Moran. And if this wasn't enough another two concerts are being planned!