Bryan Ferry
Friday 19. July
KL 18:00
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Bryan Ferry and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra will be arriving at Moldejazz on July 19th to host their only concert in Scandinavia this summer. Bryan Ferry will present songs from his long career as a solo artist and vocalist of Roxy Music, as well as from his latest release; The Jazz Age. At the Romsdals museum Bryan Ferry will host a two-part concert where as many as 12 musicians make up both a jazz- and a rock-band.

Since the release of his first record with Roxy Music in 1972 Bryan Ferry has  had the status of being one of the most innovative and cool singer/songwriters in pop and rock. For over four decades he's gone back and forth between being a stand-alone solo-artist and a central member of Roxy Music. Across both careers he has written and performed songs such as «More Than This», «Avalon» and «Slave to Love»; all hits who have reached out to a large audience across the world.
As an art-school student Ferry often expressed his enthusiasm over jazz-legends such as Charlie Parker and Billie Holiday, and last fall he released the album «The Jazz Age» together with The Bryan Ferry Orchestra. Here they perform famous songs from all of Bryan Ferry's career in arrangements set to the style of 1920s jazz. The album got a great reception in everything from The Observer to Pitchfork.
The music from the album is also featured in the re-recording of the Cannes Film Festival opening act; «The Great Gatsby» starring Leondaro DiCaprio.