Booth rentals

Rent a tent during Moldejazz 2013
Please send your application to

Zones and prices
The town centre of Molde is organized in 2 different zones to reflect attractiveness for the tenants, and therefore the different zones have different prices.

Green Zone: All spaces in- and directly connected to the main street, (Storgata), and the town hall square. (Rådhusplassen)
Yellow Zone: All spaces in side streets in connection to the main street (Storgata) This zone includes the following streets: Fjordgata, Kirkebakken, Tårngata and the upper spaces on Torget (the main square) and Havnegata.

The prices (eks mva) for 2013 are:

Zone:      Tent 3x3 (NOK)      Tent 5x3 (NOK)
Green     11,000 -                    17000 -                  With tent
Yellow     2000, -                                                      Without tent

We will not be offering tenants electricity from 2013. Today there are several good quality batteri devices available.

Rental costs and ev. electricity will be billed before the festival starts. Tenants who don't pay their rental costs before the due date, will loose their designated space. The option of paying for your booth after you come to Molde ceased in 2010.

There will be guards in the rental areas in the evening and at night. The goods and equipment left in the tents will still be the tenant's responsibility, as it is not possible for the guards to have a full overview of all areas at all times.

Tax rules
Everyone doing sales and creating an income from their business at Moldejazz must relate to the rules published by the tax directorate in Norway. The regulations can be found here:

Mobile sales permit
Monday - Saturday         Kr. 4000,-
Tuesday - Saturday         Kr. 3500,-
Wednesday - Saturday  Kr. 3000,-
Thursday - Saturday       Kr. 2500,-
Friday - Saturday             Kr. 2000,-
Saturday only                   Kr. 1500,-

Street musicians
Moldejazz welcomes everyone who wants to contribute to the festive atmosphere of the festival. This includes street musicians and others that want to perform in the town centre of Molde. This, and CD sales are basically free of charge, but if you wish to sell other products in addition, the prices and regulations will be the same as for mobile sales permits. The following regulations apply to street musicians/ performers:
- There will be created so called Performance Zones in different spaces in the main street. (Storgata)
These are the only spaces to be used, and they are marked with signs and regulations.
- If more than one artist wishes to use the same zone, the artists must split the time for performances.
- You can only play 30 minutes pr hour.
- The sound level can not exceed acoustic levels. This also applies if you use an amplifier.
- The use of playback is not permitted.
- Merchandise sale, except CDs is not permitted without a special sales permit.

The application process for booth rentals is continuously throughout the year. Send your application to  

Application form

Product regulations
Moldejazz do not wish to rent booths to tenants who sell products that conflict with public regulations. By signing the contract you will be directed to links that give product information from the state pollution control authority in Norway. (Statens Forurensningstilsyn (SFT)) As a tenant you are obliged to read and relate to these regulations.

Food services
If you wish to serve food at Moldejazz you need an additional approvement from the Food
Standards Authority (Mattilsynet) in Romsdal. This can be obtained by writing to this address:

Distriktskontoret for Romsdal
Postboks 383 N-Brumundal