Union Rhythm Kings
Thursday 18. July
KL 20:00
Friday 19. July
KL 20:00
Saturday 20. July
KL 20:00
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A fitting name for a band that plays traditional New Orleans-jazz and that have been assembled across generations and borders.

The "rhythm kings" were started in 2007 after a initiative from trombone-player Kristoffer Kompen. The band consists of a wonderful mix of both seasoned young-and-promising jazz-musicians who have made made themselves strongly noted in a number of contexts within traditional jazz. In the words of NRK Jazz; "Union Rhythm Kings is a swinging Swedish-Norwegian alliance spanning all generations. All 6 musicians are born 100 years too late and are most comfortable with the jazz of the 1920's."

Bent Persson (SE) -Trumpet
Frans Sjøstrøm (SE)- Bass-saxophone
Morten Gunnnar Larsen (NO) - Piano
Jacob Ullberger (SE) - Banjo and guitar
Lars Franck (NO)- Clarinett/saxophone
Kristoffer Kompen (NO) - Trombone.