Ytre Suløens Jass-Ensemble
Monday 15. July
KL 20:00
Tuesday 16. July
KL 20:00
Wednesday 17. July
KL 20:00
Alexandrakjelleren Utsolgt
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When Moldejazz premiere a new tradjazz-venue in the Alexandrakjeller nothing comes more natural than live-favourites Ytre Suløens Jass-Ensemble being the first to take center stage. The band holds the Norwegian record for apperances at Moldejazz and have, over the past few years, seen a lot of renewal.

It started in 2011 when Kåre Nymark jr. was replaced by Sturla Hauge Nilsen on trumpet, and trombone-player Jan Inge "Mella" Melsæter has been replaced by Andreas Rotevatn. Last year Kristoffer Tokle took up the drums after the death of Ottar Andersen who had been the regular drummer for many years. The new members have contributed to renewing the "Ytre Suløen-sound" while remaining faithful to the musical idea of the group. They offer an exciting mixture of ragtime, gospel, Caribbean music, blues and swing. The New Orleans music has always been the foundation of the band, and with Tricia Boutté on vocals, herself born and raised in the port city on the Mississippi outlet, the history is brought even closer.

Jens Arne Molvær - Clarinet
Einar Aarø - Banjo
Morten Gunnar Larsen - Piano
David Gald - Tuba
Sturla Hauge Nilsen - Trumpet
Andreas Rotevatn - Trombone
Kristoffer Tokle - Drums
Tricia Boutté-Langlo - Vocals