Kendrick Lamar
Thursday 18. July
KL 16:00
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Hip-hop phenomena Kendrick Lamar completes the museum-concert of July 18th.

Kendrick Lamar continues the Hip Hop legacy from Compton greats like Dr. Dre, Easy-E, NWA and Ice Cube.

The critically acclaimed hip hop star Kendrick Lamar completes the artist line-up at Romsdalsmuseet on Thursday July 18th. Moldejazz have earlier announced that soul- and R&B-star John Legend, live-favorites Karpe Diem and the multi-talented Lido Lido will perform at the museum on this day. Now it's all set for a fourth artist, Kendrick Lamar, one of the rapidly growing stars of the american hip-hop scene and one of the most talked about new artists regardless of genre.

Rarely has a new artist gotten such overwhelmingly good critics for both their record releases as well as their live-shows as Kendrick Lamar. From the digital record debut "Section.80" in 2010 to last months concerts in Scandinavia the superlatives have come flying from every direction. Here are but some examples:

- "A Dylan of our time" - Dagsavisen about the album "good kid, m.A.A.d city" from 2012
- "9,5 out of 10" - The internationally acclaimed website Pitchfork's rating of the same record
- "Rap-album of the year" - NRK P3 about the same album, 5 out of 6 on the die
- "The audience was with him all the way" - musikknyheter.no about the concert held at Sentrum Scene February 12th and 13th, rated 8 out of 10
- "A rare treat of a rap-concert" - VG about the same concert, 5 out of 6 on the die
- "Finfint fra flinkis" - NRK Lydverket about his concert at the Hove festival of 2012

Kendrick Lamar is given the nickname "The Voice of the New Generation", and that says a lot about which expectations people have of this artist. There's no doubt that the interest in him is huge as Lamar will appear at both the Øya- and Slottsfjell- festivals this year. Last, but not least, there's good reason to mention that his youtube video "Swimming Pools" has well over 31 million views (so far)!

Jan Ole Otnæs, director of Moldejazz, thinks that Lamar will contribute to a truly special day packed full of concerts at Romsdalsmuseet on Thursday the 18th of July.