Jason Moran and The Bandwagon
Wednesday 17. July
KL 14:00
Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN)
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Jazz-groups that stick together over time often achieve an almost telepathic interaction that enhances what each individual musician brings to the table. Bandwagon has been Jason Moran's trio for more than 10 years.

Drummer Nasheet Waits is the man "everyone" wants to play with, but despite this he has prioritized Moran's trio highly. Together with bass-player Tarus Mateen and Moran himself he contributes to a band which Bjørn Stendahl of Jazznytt described as follows: "the musicians break into each other's solo performances ..... unorthodox and defining... and because they know each other so well it is very successful ..... in an energetic and blues-saturated expression".

Moran says that he plays as "wide" as a man with ten fingers can play. he wants a powerful expression, a kind of "large piano sound". The entire jazztradition from ragtime to Cecil Taylor & beyond is a part of Bandwagons musical palette; at times carefully supplemented with sampling etc. Bandwagon is a trio that unites innovation and jazztradition in a rather sovereign way.

Jason Moran - Tangents
Nasheet Waits - Drums
Tarus Mateen - Bass