More prominent artists set for Moldejazz 2013; Manu Katché, Beady Belle, Angelika Niescier and more

Moldejazz can present several prominent and exciting concerts in the Storyville-hall at Plassen during this years festival; Angelika Niescier, Jason Moran & Andratx feat. Maria Laurette Friis, Phronesis, ESP, Akira Sakato Trio, Anja Eline Skbakmoen Band, Take Five: Europe, Splashgirl, Obara International Quartet and Petter Wettre in a duo with Jason Rebello. Two additional concerts in the Theater-hall at Plassen are also released now: Manu Katché Group as well as a double-concert with Beady Belle / Hedvig Mollestad Trio. This year, as before, there's also a lot happening in the Alexandra Park where the stage is shared between Amund Maarud, Valkyrien Allstars and RED HOT. Last, but not least, the traditional "Break of Dawn in Molde" concert, arranged in cooperation with Istad AS, will be held in the Reknes Park and will feature the prominent vocal-ensemble Trondheim Voices.

Last updated: 05.07.2013
Exciting concerts at Plassen

Angelika Niescier Trio
Polish-German sax-player Angelika Niescier has over the last decade made her mark in the German jazz-scene, and is now on the verge of reaching out to a much larger audience throughout Europe and the US. It is an ambitious musician with limitless energy and virtuoso-technique we get to experience in the Storyville-hall at Plassen on the festivals opening day of July 15th.

Angelika Niescier - Saxophones
Chris Tordini - Bass
Nasheet Waits - Drums

Jason Moran, Artist in Residence, to meet the vocalist of Tys Tys and an energic trio hailing from Scandinavia. A unique meeting of five eminent musicians in the Storyville-hall at Plassen on Tuesday July 16th.

Jason Moran - Piano
Jonas Kullhammar - Saxophone
Kresten Osgood - Drums
Ole Morten Vågan - Bass
Maria Laurette Friis - Vocals

Pronesis is often spoken about as one of the hippest trios emanating from the British Isles. Pianist Ivo Neame (British), bass-player Jasper Høyby (Danish) and drummer Anton Eger (Swedish) have been called the best European piano-trio since EST. Whilst the competition is fierce, Pronesis definitely are among the front-runners! The trio is seen as an incredibly charismatic group that creates excitement in the audience wherever they play. Something they're likely to repeat in the Storyville-hall at Plassen on Tuesday July 16th.

ESP is a collective that stems from Molde-born guitarist Espen Bjarnar's initiative. The group released their first CD this spring.
Arne Torvik, also from Molde, plays the piano and keyboards while swede Tomas Järmyr, Bjarnar's classmate from attending jazz-courses at NTNU, plays the drums. Another classmate, Dan Peter Sundland, contributes to the bands distinctive expression through his unusually personal play-style on the electric bass. At the top of this - or at the base, if you prefer - is a veteran that not only inspires a lot of up-and-coming jazz-musicians, but who also improves himself time and time again; John Pål Inderberg (Baritone Saxophone)! ESP can be experienced in the Storyville-hall at Plassen on Wednesday July 17th.

Akira Sakata was born in 1945 in Kure, Hiroshima and has performed for a living since the late 1960's. He received his international breakthrough in 1988 with the release of "Mooko" through Virgin Records; a record where he collaborated with Bill Laswell and Ronald "Shannon" Jackson. Since then he has participated in a lot of projects around the world to great international success. He often collaborates with folk-musicians from Japan and tries to combine styles freely to create new sounds. In addition to all of this Sakata is also both an essayist and an actor. His concert in the Storyville-hall at Plassen on Wednesday July 17th isn't only his first ever performance at Moldejazz; it is also his only performance in Europe this year!

Over several years Anja Eline Skybakmoen has made her mark in bands and projects such as «Eplemøya Songlag», «Pitsj» and  «Aphrodisiac», but this time she will take the stage with her own music and her own band. The artist, who received the SB1 SMN Jazz-talent award in 2012, is influenced by a wide range of other styles, from jazz and other improvisational music to soul and pop.

Anja Eline Skybakmoen - Vocals
David Aleksander Sjølie- Guitar
Ivar Loe Bjørnstad - Drums
Kim- Erik Pedersen - Saxophones
Dag - Filip Roaldsnes - Rhodes,  Synthesizers
Sebastian Haugen- Markussen - Electric Bass

Take Five: Europe is an important talent-development programme giving some of Europe's most promising young jazz-musicians and exciting opportunity to develop. Ten musicians - two from each of the attending countries of the Netherlands, Poland, France, Great Britain and Norway - have been hand-picked to participate in the programme. In January the met up for a week in Kent where they, among other things, had the opportunity to play with, and work on compositions under the direction of, John Surman. The result is «European Sunrise», an ensemble consisting of some of the most promising talents in European jazz. This year they are booked to perform at five central jazz-festivals throughout Europe, and one of these festivals are Moldejazz where they will perform in the Storyville-hall at Plassen on Thursday July 18th.

Per Zanuzzi - Bass
Daniel Herskedal - Tuba
Arun Ghosh - Clarinet
Chris Sharkey - Guitar
Airelle Besson - Trumpet / Violin
Guilaume Perret - Saxophone
Marsin Masecki - Piano
Piotr Damasiewicz - Trumpet
Marcos Baggiani - Drums
Davis Kweksilber - Clarinet / Saxophone

Splashgirl are receiving fabulous reviews throughout the world for their original trio-music. They play their own lightly hypnotic compositions, with their characteristic soundscape; acoustic but with a light touch of electronics. Without thinking of genres or boundaries they are as easily influnced by classical music, movie soundtracks and post-rock as they are by jazz. It is beautiful and majestic, and they let the songs develop to the joy of their listeners. Music that truly excites!

Andreas Stensland Løve - Piano
Jo Berger Myhre - Bass
Andreas Lønmo Knudsrød - Drums

Moldejazz is part of the international talent-development programme Take 5: Europe. Obara International Quartet is a direct result of this. Polish saxophone-player Maciej Obara met Ole Marten Vaagan (Bass) and Gard Nilssen (Drums) in England during the winter of 2012, and invited them to Poland to play some concerts where pianist Dominik Wania was included, and just like that a new band was established; Obara International Quartet. The band plays modern acoustic jazz inspired by the great Polish composer and pianist Krzystof Komeda.

Maicej Obara - Saxophone
Dominik Wania - Piano
Ole Morten Vaagan - Bass
Gard Nilsen - Drums

Wettres muscular tenor saxophone-play has excited in many compositions. In this duo collaboration with brilliant British pianist Jason Rebello (Sting, Jeff Beck, Wayne Shorter and more) he really exposes his instrumental mastering and his ability to create good music with the context of theme and improvisation. Rebello is able to easily follow his every wink as well as contribute with his own inspiring input. A duo constellation that is expected to make jaws drop in the Storyville-hall at Plassen on Saturday July 20th.

Drummer Manu Katché had his international breakthrough in his collaboration with Peter Gabriel and Sting, and has since been a highly coveted musician in many genres. These past few years his attention has been focused on his own music and band. Tore Brunborg plays a central part in this band which invites us all to a concert that is guaranteed to be exciting in the Theater-hall at Plassen on July 19th.

Manu Katché - drums
 Tore Brunborg - Saxophone
Luca Aquino - Trumpet
Jim Watson - Keyboards

The festival-week at Plassen ends with a bang when you're invited to a double-concert in the Theater-hall with by Hedvig Mollestad Trio and Beady Belle on Saturday July 20th at 10:00 PM.

    Hedvig Mollestand received the Sparebank 1 talent-award in 2009 and made a smash debut with her trio at Moldejazz the following year. With two CD/vinyl released that have received the top score in, among others, Mojo, Uncut and The New York Times the trio, as well as Hedvig herself, are set for Moldejazz once again. This is a coherent and hard-hitting band, and Hedvig has turned into a true "riff-master" that combines a classic, heavy bluesrock-approach with sharp and progressive jazz - something which have made reviewers pull out big guitar-names such as Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi, Sonny Sharrock and John Scofield.

Hedvig Mollestad - Guitar
Ellen Brekken - Bass
Ivar Loe Bjørnstad - Drums

    Beady Belle has just finished a two-week tour of Europe, to much success! Their new album "Cricklewood Broadway" with lyrics based on the novel "white Teeth" by Zadie Smith has received brilliant reviews from a unison musical press.
One ticket - two concerts: Beady Belle/Hedvig Mollestad Trio
Beady Belle mixes soul, funk, pop and jazz in a way like no others. It sounds groovy on CD and vinyls, but it's during the concerts it truly explodes. When Beady Belle last performed at Moldejazz she excited a large crowd at the Romsdals Museum, and now we anticipate that a large amount of people will want to re-experience a great artist.

Beate S. Lech - Vocals
Tommy Kristiansen -Guitar
Jørn Øien -Piano
TBA  -Keyboards
Marius Reksjø -Bass
Erik Holm -Drums
A lot is happening in the Alexandra Park

Amund Maarud
Amund Maarud has since the late 1990's established himself as one of the most striking musicians in the blues-scene; domestic as well as foreign! He is, by many, recognized as an eminent guitar-player and has received high praise from audience and press alike as well as winning several Spellemann-awards.

Valkyrien Allstars has since the start-up in 2005 been a true idiomatic in Norwegian music, and they have already had time to become a musical attraction in many parts of the world with their innovative Norwegian folk-songs.
Valkyrian Allstars have their heart in the folk-music and their soul in the creative disclosure. In the spirit of improvisation they are inspired not only by blues and jazz, but also by reggae and rock. Led by Tuva Syvertsen and Molde-born Magnus Larsen on bass we can guarantee that Wednesday and Thursday in the Park will be an experience!

Tuva Syvertsen - Hardanger-fiddle, Vocals
Ola Hilmen - Hardanger-fiddle
Erik Sollid - Hardanger-fiddle
Martin Langlie - Drums
Magnus Larsen - Bass

Local favourites RED HOT are already veterans in the Alexandra Park, and present first-class rockabilly, strong rhythm & blues, intense funk and swinging jazz. They are inspired by The Blues Brothers, Blood, Sweat & Tears and others and will make a lot of people very happy in the park on Friday and Saturday.

Knut Marius Djupvik - Vocals
Magnus Drågen - Trumpet
Pål Gunnar Fiksdal - Trumpet
Runar Fiksdal - Trombone
 Lars Petter Bjerkeset - Saxophone
Chriss Rune Angvik - Guitar
Øystein Flemmen - Guitar
Jørn Inge Frostad - Electric Bass
Anders Lillebo - Hammond Organ
Kristoffer Tokle - Drums
This years "Break of Day in Molde" - in cooperation with Istad AS

Trondheim Voices - Love Letters
For this years "Break of Day in Molde" concert we have invited the nine woman strong vocal-ensemble Trondheim Voices to premiere the project «Love Letters».
In collaboration with their own artist in residence - concept artist Ann-Cathrin Hertling - they will develop a concert where they do their own take on familiar songs. The songs will be chosen based on their own as well as the audience's stories and wishes surrounding these songs. Based on this Trondheim Voices and Ann-Cathrin Hertling will re-create the songs following impulses from the audience and the ensemble's own relation to the music.

Live Maria Roggen
Siri Gjære
Torunn Sævik
Sissel Vera Pettersen
Tone Åse
Heidi Skjerve
Kirsti Huke
Ingrid Lode

Joined by:
Ann-Cathrin Hertling/Wild at art - Artist in Residence. 
Asle Karstad - Sound Design
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