Three special projects at Moldejazz!

Special projects with Terje Rypdal, Maria Kannegaard Ensemble and Paal Nilssen-Love during Moldejazz 2013!

Last updated: 04.22.2013
Moldejazz introduces several special projects during this years festival. One of our musical giants regardless of genre, Terje Rypdal, holds the first performance of his newly composed work "Sound of Dreams". Moldejazz and Trondheim Jazzfest cooperate yet again on a special project; this time it is Maria Kannegaard presenting her "Før eller siden er det nå (Before or later it is now)". Behind the third project is one of jazz' most innovative, dynamic and versatile drummers, Paal Nilssen-Love, whi has composed his dream-group of young musicians, "Large Unit". Each of these three projects contribute to this years Moldejazz becoming a unique experience.

Terje Rypdal - "The Sound of Dreams"
Recently incorporated in Rockheim Hall of Fame, he plays at jazzfestivals all around the world and has just wrapped up his work on a new symphony.
During last years Moldejazz he presented his idea of a new project, "The Sound of Dreams". Now it's all set for a first performance during this years festival.
While his last big project, "Crime Scenes", was built like a crime-story with samples from crime-movies, he this time around asked drummer Paolo Vinaccia produce sound-collages from the movie "Cinema Paradiso" and the concert opens with a quote from a italian hit of the late 1950s. Rypdal never ceases to surprise!
Terje has composed a new and exciting band consisting of both old and new collaborators to realize the sound of (his) dreams.

Terje Rypdal - Guitar
Marius Rypdal - Assorted electronics
Ståle Storløkken - Keyboards
James Lassen - Fagott
Sveinung Hovensjø - Bass
Jon Christensen - Drums and percussion
Paolo Vinaccia - Drums and percussion

Maria Kannegaard Ensemble  - "Før eller siden er det nå"
Maria Kannegaard has chosen to thread new paths in relation to anything she has done earlier. This results in an emotionally loaded and captivating melodic  music which will bring the listener on a journey. The music moves from the very concrete to the spherical, quite happily at the same time.
All with its own sound and a strong nerve - being Maria's trademark.
Maria's personal compositional characteristics is as strong as before, but this time in a different landscape. Maria has, through the years, listened to all kinds of genres in the world of music, and with her commissioned work woven together heaps of inspiration to an expression that is truly her own. The result is a mix of electrical and acoustic instruments. And the musicians are all hand-picked from the top shelf in Norway. The concert is yours. The journey will be exciting. Come along!

Maria Kannegaard - Tangentes
Ole Morten Vågan - bass
Thomas Strønen - Drums & Samples
Per Jørgensen - Trumpet, Vokal and Perc
Ola Kvernberg - Violins
Ståle Storløkken - Syntheseizers

Paal Nilssen-Love - Large Unit
Paal Nilssen-Love has hand-picked some of the young musicians he finds the most interesting. They are musicians from a wide span; some have played together before, and some have never met before. The music will, to some extent, consist of compositions and graphic works, but with focus on improvisation, energy and sound. This band has been born in cooperation with Eldbjørg Raknes' Sjøbygda Kunstarhus. Directly before the concert in Molde they will meet there, in the depths of the forest, for a two days intensive rehearsal before jumping on the tour bus to Molde where they will present this music for the first time ever.

Jon Rune Strøm - Bass
Andreas Wildhagen - Drums
Paal Nilssen-Love - Drums
Mats Äleklint - Trombone 
Christian Meås Svendsen - Bass 
Klaus Holm - Alt Saxophone
Kasper Værnes - Alt Saxophone
Thomas Johansson - Trumpet
Børre Mølstad - Tuba
Ketil Gutvik - Guitar
Lasse Marhaug - Electronics

Tickets for sale through Posten, Billettservice tel 815 33 133, www.billettservice.no og www.moldejazz.no For more information please contact: Festival Director Jan Ole Otnæs - tel 91 88 53 93.