As a volunteer at Moldejazz you can expect some work, a lot of responsibility and a week full of unforgettable experiences.

Provide and Enjoy
Being a volunteer at Moldejazz is a wonderful combination of great musical experiences, new friendships and partly a lot of work in a hectical, but inspiring setting. During the festival Moldejazz is an enormous organisation with about 800 volunteers, and we welcome great international and national artists and between 80.000 and 100.000 vistitors. With such an enormous preassure, we are depending on the fantastic effort that the volunteers contribute with. But inspite of the work hours, all our volunteers will have time to enjoy.   

What can you expect from us?
Moldejazz commit to take welcoming you and giving you the training requred for you to be able to do your job. We will give you a suitable amount of work, so that you have time to enjoy your festival benefits. As a volunteer you are insured through the insurance of Moldejazz, and Moldejazz commits to ensuring that all the work is done according to the working environment act.

Festival benefits:
- Festival accreditation that give access to all concerts if free seats/space
- 1 free ticket to club/concert of your own request
- Free access to all concerts in Romsdalsmuseet. (The museeum)
- You get a Moldejazz volunteers t-shirt.
- A nice jazzlunch at Seilerhytta, a venue located at Hjerøya (An island outside Molde, a 10 minute boat ride away.)
- Festival effects at reduced prices
- Volunteer prices on food sold at the festival stands.
- A big party at the end of the festival for all the volunteers

What do we expect from you?
As a Moldejazz volunteer you represent Moldejazz in the face of artists, sponsors, press, audience and the audience in general. The festival has a reputation of being one of the most friendly and intimate festivals in the world, and it is this reputation you will contribute to maintaining. It is expected that you behave as good representative and that you contribute to the festival in the best way possible. With so many people working it is important that everybody follow their working instructions and show up to the shifts assigned. Although this work is done on a voluntary basis, we ask you to relate to your committee leader/work leader like you would if this was a regular job. Moldejazz is certified as an environmentally friendly festival, and this means that everybody commits to doing their best to contribute to the environment in a positive way. Do yours; Clean up after yourself, sort your garbage and be a good example for other volunteers and the audience in general.

Welcome to an unforgettable week as a volunteer for Moldejazz!