New works to premiere at Moldejazz

Two special collaborations and works will premiere at the 2006 Moldejazz. The Brazz Brothers and Marilyn Mazur’s Percussion Paradise will join forces in “The big battle” on July 21. The next day on July 22, the new work “Norwegian Sanctus” by Terje Bjørklund will be performed by Trondheim Voices, The Trondheim Soloist, and Arve Henriksen (trumpet) and Stian Westhus (guitar).

The Big Battle
The members of The Brazz Brothers have performed with an unknown number of drummers and percussionists from all over world over the last 25 years. This time they have invited one of the worlds leading percussionists, Marilyn Mazur, to join in. Mazur, particularly known for her collaboration with Miles Davies and Jan Garbarek, will bring her Percussion Paradise to Molde. The Percussion Paradise is five, female percussionists handpicked among the elite of woman percussionists in Scandinavia.
The Brazz Brothers/Mazur concerts set the stage in Molde for a spectacular meeting between the sisters of drums and the brothers of brass. The foundation for the meeting will be the premiere of a new composition by Helge Førde (The Brazz Brothers) named the “Det store slaget” (The Big Battle).
The Brazz Brothers:
Jarle Førde (trp/flgh) Jan Magne Førde (trp/flgh) Runar Tafjord (hrn) Helge Førde (trb) Stein Erik Tafjord (tb) Marcus Lewin (dr)
Marilyn Mazur’s Percussion Paradise:
Marilyn Mazur (perc) Benita Haastrup (perc) Lisbeth Diers (perc) Birgitt Løkke (perc) Josefine Cronholm (vocal/perc)
Bjørnsonhuset 18.00 (17.30)
Ticket code: MBH 12107


Norwegian Sanctus

Norwegian Sanctus is sacral music based on crossover-work that traces its sources to hymn texts (in latin) and melodic formulas that is believed to be the first music performed in the Nidaros Cathedral created by Norwegians. (Fingergullofficiet and Rex Olavus/ ”Olavsmusikken”).
The work is in the form of a Mass. The composer, Terje Bjørklund is known as the Father of the Jazz Department at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology's Music Department in Trondheim. Mr. Bjørklund has for the Norwegian Sanctus been inspired by the opportunities of the musicians to use modern technology (sampling and electronics) and improvisation. The concert is expected to be an exciting meeting between the generations where tradition meets modernity.
The TrondheimSoloists chamber orchestra has established an excellent international reputation with its members consisting of young, talented musicians, some still students. Reviews praise the orchestra’s youthful freshness and vibrant musical joy and enthusiasm. Starting autumn 2002, the cellist Øyvind Gimse has been the artistic director of the TrondheimSoloists.
Trondheim Voices is a vocal group that features talented musicians and soloists with roots in the internationally recognized Jazz Department at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology's Music Department. Over the last few years the department has specialized in vocal jazz. Trondheim Voices create their own special sound universe when they perform traditional compositions and collective improvisations, and when they use modern approaches.

Norwegian Sanctus
Molde Domkirke
Friday July 22  - 18.00

Arve Henriksen (tp) & Stian Westerhus(git)
Trondheim Voices:
Live Maria Roggen, Heidi Skjerve, Sissel Vera Pettersen, Ingrid Lode, Torunn Sævik, Anita Kaasbøll, Tone Åse, Ingvild Karlsen Eeg  (all vocal)
Trondheimssolistene / The TrondheimSoloists :
Sigmund Tvete Vik, Alex Robson, Marit Laugen, Kjell Are Strøm, Viktor Stenhjem, Kristoffer Gjærde, Johannes Rusten, Anders Larsen,Åse Aaknes (all violin),
Bergmund Skaslien, Ole Wuttudal, Torodd Wigum (all bratsj), Marit Aspås, Cecilie Koch, Roar Bye Blåsmo, Rolf Hoff Baltzersen (bass)

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