Rent a tent during Moldejazz 2010

Each year 80.000 - 100.000 people visit Moldejazz. The positive response from booth tenants and others has made it possible for us to increase the sales area and the number of tents avaliable for rent during the festival.

To improve access in the city centre, a new plan for the sales area has been worked out in conjunction with business and municipal authorities in Molde.

Tents/booths will only be available for rent from Moldejazz, and the tents will be the only alternative available in the area between Storgata (The main street) in the East to Rica Hotel in the West. The tents can be locked, eliminating the need for removing goods at night. The festival will provide security officers patrolling Storgata all night.

The Storgata area will also be separated in three different zones. The western zone will be housing members of ”alternative business”, like health products, information stands etc. The centre part will be local crafts- and arts business, and the eastern zone will feature traditional festival business with clothing, accessories, and other products. Download the maps below.

Please read the information documents below, and send your application to Per Gunnar Talstad at bodutleie@moldejazz.no

Terms and conditions Booth Rentals:
download  Booth Rental 2010

Application form:
download  Søknadsskjema for bodplass

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